No one ever likes a random pimple appearing on the face, but sometimes it’s totally out of our control to stop them. I’ve noticed [for me personally] pimples always find their way to my face when I consume too much unhealthy foods – such as: fast food, anything fried and sugary candies. Although, each of our pimple problems are different, I found some great products that totally cured my one-off pimple! Check them out and let me know if you’ve tried any of these pimple remedies below!

1. Nexcare | Acne Absorbing Covers (~$10) 


These pimple patches work wonders!!! I love these Nexcare “Acne Absorbing Covers” , which can be purchased almost at all drugstores and Amazon. They are small circle stickers that are placed on the pimple directly, and absorbs all the oil/dirt from the pimple itself. It works great, super easy application and works every time! I used to use The Face Shop’s “Clean Face Anti Trouble Blemish Patch”, which is the same idea and worked great as well. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find them avaliable online, but these Nexcare ones work just as good!

2. The Body Shop | Tea Tree Oil ($13) 


I am obsessed with tea tree anything! I love the smell, which may be a turn-off to many (as it is quite strong smelling), but I find very relaxing and effective! I absolutely love the entire tea tree line at The Body Shop, especially the “Tea Tree Oil” – works super well for targeting those zits by drying it out. You can definitely purchase essentially any tea tree oil from the grocery store or the drugstores, but I personally just stuck with The Body Shop version and haven’t switched since. Plus, tea tree oil is a versatile product – can be used for facial steams or diffused in humidifiers!

3. Mario Badescu | Drying Lotion ($23) 


Another cult-fav is the Mario Badescu “Drying Lotion“, which is this pink solution used on those zits to dry up the surface. Also a great product, more expensive than the others but does work very well. Only con, it has a very chemical scent to the solution, which can be off-putting for many and the application is quite inconvenient; as you need to dip in a cotton swab to dip into the pink solution at the bottom, which I tend not wanting to double dip the same swap as that can cause to spread bacteria into the bottle. Many have compared this Mario Badescu product to Kate Somerville’s “EradiKate” – similar pink solution targeted for those fussy zits.


Let us know some of your skincare favs to use on blemishes! I would love some more recommendations and whatever else is on the market.

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