I’m not sure about you… but I love matcha!!! Matcha is essentially powdered green tea leaves, but has tons of antioxidants, amino acids, and is considered a powerful superfood! Not only in matcha good for us internally, but it is also a great ingredient for our skincare routine. Many studies have proven that matcha is great for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging skin properties, alongside with reducing acne and soothing redness. I listed some hottest matcha skincare products on the market now – let us know what you’ve tried!

1. Boscia | Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask ($50) 

Boscia “Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask” ($50)

This Boscia mask is amazing! I’ve gotten mine at Sephora, but unfortunately it’s not avaliable on their website anymore. I did find the “Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask” ($50) at Shoppers Drug Mart! This mask works wonders – making my skin feel super tight and brighten. Only con, it does get quite messy without a mask brush and it is quite hard to wash off – but other than that, this Boscia mask is probably my favourite from the brand.

2. InnisFree | Green Tea Foam Cleanser (~$10) 

InnisFree “Green Tea Foam Cleanser” ($19.14)

Although this product does not state matcha, I think green tea is close enough. I use this InnisFree “Green Tea Foam Cleanser” (~$10) everyday and it’s amazing – super effective with cleansing, very gentle on the skin, annnnd very affordable! I bought mine at the InnisFree shop in-person for around ~$10, but I did find the exact “Green Tea Foam Cleanser” at YesStyle for $19.14. InnisFree also has an array of green tea skincare products to choose from, all pretty affordable and work wonderfully! Plus – InnisFree a Korean-based brand, so the products work gently but effectively!

3. FRESHME | Matcha Eye Mask (~$20) 

FRESHME “Matcha Eye Mask” ($17.79)

I haven’t used this specific pair of eye masks from FRESHME, but I find that many eye masks do work the same for me. These “Matcha Eye Mask” ($17.79) I found on Amazon for a reasonable deal of 20 pairs – and there is currently 50+ reviews stating that these eye masks work great with firming and brightening powers.

4. Milk Makeup | Matcha Cleanser ($37) 

Milk Makeup “Matcha Cleanser” ($37) | “Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask” ($34) | “Matcha Toner” ($37)

Milk Makeup’s packaging is super cute (and portable)! These matcha products from Milk Makeup are basically every skincare essential – from “Matcha Cleanser” ($37), “Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask” ($34), and “Matcha Toner” ($37). Tons of reviews on all of these products, but the “Matcha Cleanser” definitely takes the cake on the best product out of all – with great reviews on helping with dryness and dullness of the skin. Plus, being a travel-friendly product is always a bonus!


Thanks for reading! Besides love drinking matcha, but I love using great ingredients into my skincare routine and it definitely shows through. Let us know which matcha product interested you or other recommendations you have!


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