Hello! It has been hmm about more than a year since we last met. To revive this blog from inactivity and a past reflection of my doubts, I come back stronger and more focused. We also started an official (joint) Instagram account : @jenuinetaste

Created on (Canada’s Day) July 1st, 2017 and it’s a 3 photograph story concept of either a food date, popular spots in the city, our style looks, travel diaries and more – we decided a trio collage could show a bigger perspective than just one snapshot. We will be writing posts accordingly to what’s already been uploaded on our IG, so excuse the backlog – lots of catching up to do!

Since it was Canada’s 150th celebration this year, we decided to check out Lee Restaurant. Located on 601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5, and owned by the infamous and recognized Chef Susur Lee, previous Iron Chef Guest Judge, owner of several restaurants (including his Bent-Lee sons owning Frings [Drake’s hot spot]), a Toronto chef so recognized and makes our city proud, this was our decided resto to hit up for our national celebrations.

It was a really busy restaurant, considering also it’s the Canada Day long weekend! Nice outdoor patio on the front, interior was consistent with this dimmer lighting and red decor.

No flaw in this slaw.

Susur’s Signature Singaporean Style Slaw ($25)

To kick things off, we had to – must try the renowned Signature Singaporean Style Slaw made with 19 ingredients! Their menu website doesn’t list the items, nor can we recall every ingredient, but there was so many flavours and textures throughout.

Crunchiness from the taro chips slivered, peanuts, ginger, mixed greens, carrots, and tons more! There are options to also add sashimi of salmon or tuna, and option of Australian wagyu beef, at extra costs. Easily their most popular dish on the menu, and is also vegan  and gluten-free, don’t worry we gotchu boo.

Our luckee day.

“Luckee” Shrimp Cheung Fun ($32)

After that amazing slaw dish to start off, we chose their Luckee shrimp dish, just look at how drool worthy our photos are (haha I’m a fan myself). The sauce underneath the shrimp and rice noodle roll was so savoury and had a punch of flavour. As per menu, this dish contains: Ontario english snow peas, asparagus, ginger flower & scallion pesto, superior soya broth, and Thai basil. Our server recommended that at Lee Restaurant, minimum 3 dishes for 2 people just fyi.

Western-Asian, ya diiiig?

Cheese Burger Spring Roll ($17)

Alas, the hyped cheese burger that Chef Susur Lee’s son, Kai Bent-Lee (we’re Day 1 subscribers to him on YouTube, check out his channel) has been eating in his IG stories. So, is it worth the $17? Probably not, however, it was very scrumptious though and at least we tried it. Serving of 2 pieces, contains inside that crispy spring roll shell: smoked chili mayo, pickled veg, and a lettuce wrap.

Do you see those red and white balloons at the restaurant! Hehe, of course we tried to coordinate our outfit for some Canadian spirit! Our Canada’s 150th celebrations were followed with some fantastic fireworks off the CN Tower! So beautiful to watch!


That’s all for this post! Thank you so greatly for making it this far and checking us out. I don’t think we’ll be going MIA from here soon. A day to remember for sure. #ProudCanadians







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