Hello again. One of the great things about being back in my hometown is exploring different restaurants/cafes. Being on a bit of a health kick and trying to change my current diet is a struggle at times , but it’s so worth it! 🙂

Fsh&Chp would be a pescatarian-approved restaurant and offers a variety of dishes that are seriously mouth-watering (vegetarian and meat options also available). Even if you’re not a big fish person, there is a range of seafood options – lobster, mussels, clams, etc.

The ambience was very “under-the-sea” with soothing music accompanied with bar stools and a couple of tables inside. There’s also a nice patio in front of the restaurant.


The menu was on a unique cork board giving a true sailor taste in my opinion. Being the business/marketing geek that I am, I really loved their branding and overall detail to their uniqueness and overall culture. It was quite the busy restaurant even during weekday lunch hours!


After long deliberation and admiring their aesthetic, I decided on their Classic Panko-breaded fish and chips with side coleslaw. How basic, but it was my first time here so I had to get their signature dish.



Their service was pretty quick and I was surprised I actually finished the entire plate while excitedly chatting away with my accompanied pal. The fish was breaded evenly and had that delicious crunch, and the potato wedges did not disappoint either. I believe my dish was around ~14, which was similarly priced to other main menu items.

My pal decided on the Mussels & Baguette dish that came straight from the stove – steam still coming out of it and all. There was a creamy sauce drizzled on top of the mussels and at the bottom of the steel pot for baguette dipping action. The dish was ~$15 and had a decent amount of mussels inside.


Of course, if it made it my Instagram page, I had to do a flat-lay. Their logo (fish skeleton) is honestly so cute too!! The restaurant exterior was very minimalist with just their fish skeleton logo on the door front sign. I thought it was actually quite appealing – curiosity led me here and I’m glad it did!


One thing to note is that there isn’t a designated parking lot (or at least I couldn’t find one), so be prepared to show off our parallel-parking skills (or in my case… lack of)!

Their menu-selection was very satisfying and perfect for a lunch I’d say! It was a gorgeous day outside and the patio was filled, so I would recommend checking this restaurant out during the summer days for sure!

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