Hey friends. It’s been a couple of weeks and I was occupied with some other things during that time! But, I’m back and I’m better. I checked out this new hot bubble tea spot in Scarborough, Toronto called “Royaltea” (I like the pun)! It’s located in a mainly Oriental resto/food plaza. I found out about this place on Instagram, creating some hype as people posed with their bubble teas were served in a lightbulb!(?!) The bulbs seemed limited in-store so if you want to try it, I’d def try to beat the rush!

I’m not sure how this came about as an idea, but lightbulb bubble tea cups definitely were a hit and made this place bumpin’.

As soon as I walked into the cafe, I immediately noticed their bright vanity-light “royaltea” sign as it was very vivid and contrasted against their dark wood aesthetic. Since I went during the early afternoon, it wasn’t too busy – but I can def tell that this place is probably very busy in the evening and weekends. There was free Wi-fi and the staff was friendly in recommending choices.

There was quite a selection of desserts and drinks, from choosing mango, durian, black sesame, original milk tea, green tea and much more. The lightbulb drinks offered were in-store only at $5.90 each.

One of their desserts that I really wanted to try was their crepe cakes, which is offered at other Asian dessert joints, however, I never tried it before! They’re essentially stacked French crepes that form a cake slice (triangular), and I wanted to try the matcha/green tea one.. but they were SOLD OUT!

So, I opted for the matcha Hong Kong-style bubble waffle with black sesame ice cream (~$5). It was still satisfying and helped us get through this heat wave Toronto has been having. The taste was very pure and refreshing, not too sweet nor bland.

I'd def try their black sesame ice cream!
I’d def try their black sesame ice cream! Mmmmm!

After my order, there was a family that came into the cafe, also ordering a couple of the lightbulb bubble teas. So, this place is quite popularized for their lightbulbs and surprisingly wide range of desserts and drink flavours. This was way before the craze of drinks in lightbulbs – cause who would’ve known that would be a thing?

All in all, it was cool spot to check out if you’re in the area. I’m not sure if it’s worth the drive out, but their menu is always being added, so I’m sure they’ll stick around in years to come. Keep up to date with their Instagram and tagged photos – it’s pretty lit now!

Let me know down below if there are any bbt hot spots in the GTA I should check out. Also, what’s the oddest thing you drank a beverage out of? 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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