Hey there! Here are my thoughts from Cake & Loaf Market.

Cake & Loaf Market:
Another post from the Hamilton Farmer’s Market mini adventure I had for lunch! I found this place from Instagram and knew I had to check it out. I’m a sucker for pastries, and especially cute ones! There quite a selection here, however, I found that it was a tad bit overpriced.

IMG_4183 IMG_4185

There were definitely some tasty looking treats at the Cake & Loaf! Definitely some instagram-worthy pastries here, especially those adorable emoji sugar cookies. After much deliberation between zesty lemon squares, buttery pecan tarts, or glistening chocolate chip cookies, I decided to try the Oreo Jumbo cookie. It was big, fluffy, iced with the right amount of vanilla Oreo filling, and rainbow sprinkles. It cost $5 before tax, which was the price range for several of their sweet treats.

IMG_4186 Jenuinely,

It was a neat place to walk by but I’m not sure if I’d buy another treat from here. Nothing spectacular or super special. Though i did see a sign for waffles on a stick for $9, but unfortunately they didn’t have any when I went? Maybe for the next time I’m strolling through 🙂

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